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This moment is amazing. Verity needs a printer and both of ours are broken, so she intends to get her essay done by 12:15 so she can print it out downstairs in the lab. That unfortunately didn't happen, so at 12:35, she asks Mike if she can use his. His printer is out of ink. We're better friends with the kid across than hall than our suitemate, so she goes to ask him. She knocks on his door, and receives a muffled reply. She asks if she can use his printer. She hears an 'Are you serious?' before Tapper's roommate answers the door in his tighty whiteys. Oh dear. Oh my. Then she basically said no thanks sorry and ran back into our room.

Ah, dorm life. Back to studying for my Greek midterm re-test. I swear a real post about my first St. Patrick's day in Boston and the rest of the weekend is forthcoming.
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