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Subatomic Tricks in Two Thousand and Six

Can we just talk about how this man is super gorgeous? I've never, ever seen an attractive Korean man, but he is.

Oh yes, on to a real post. Friday was St. Patrick's Day, so of course we started drinking early. We had a power hour at somewhere around 4:30, and we just kept drinking until we fell into bed. Robe made us a delicious Irish dinner, and we even hit BC for a lovely little party. It would also seem that Matt, Mike, and I accidentally paid the cabby $35 for a $13 fare. Whoops, drunk kids at 2:30 in the morning. I got in really early, but I just couldn't watch Robe vom his guts out. That makes me sound horrible, but his BC and UConn friends were there for him. I also met two really nice kids from Holland, Anne Marie and Maurice. That was a really fun night.

Saturday I did nothing but laundry all day. Actually, Ver and I went to Robe's to listen to him and Colin record music. They wrote some really fun stuff. Then we came to lunch here with Mike, and that was a lot of fun. COlin makes me smile. Then, I started laundry, which I left in the washer all night because about 15 minutes after I put it in Keight called Var to say that she and her friend were going to see V for Vendetta. I had heard it was really good, so even though I thought it looked really dumb, I went. I was wrong. It was really good and just perfectly violent. I had a few problems with costuming, but that's no big thing. Then, the four of us and Crystal came back here to eat and drink some whiskey.

Sunday I literally did nothing except study for my Greek midterm re-test. I feel like I did a lot better this time. And now I have more work to do! Ahh!
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