Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

Over the Moon By Midnight

I really love this week. The weather has just been wonderful. I've worn skirts twice this week! Twice! Plus, yesterday I smoked pot in a closet with a friend from latin class because I am awesome like that. It was fun, and dining halls set up like ours are really made for stoners. Then, last night we wandered around West trying to find a party. Mike and I got randomly invited to a party by a guy named Stephen after we told him which way 1039 Comm Ave was. We drank a beer super quickly and then took one shot and hightailed it out of there. Then we walked back to where Ver and Jeremy were. Then we all went to the BU beach (so not a beach), and got more drunk. We hung out down by the Charles river on a dock. Keight's friend Matt kicked a goose. It was amazing. As he kicked, it shit on his foot. That was even more amazing.

Aquarium today. Three-D James Cameron IMAX movie called 'Aliens of the Deep,' which was basically a bunch of bullshit, but fun anyway. We saw a rainbow outside of the aquarium. We actually saw both ends, which I've never really done, so that was fun. Nud Pob for dinner and now out to Jeremy's.

Plus, I've learned I need to be pretty drunk to pee outside,and I'm stupid, and Verity's OK with that.
Tags: aliens of the deep, bu, movies, random, substance abuse
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