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Don't Go Telling Me We're Alright

So, a bajillion things have happened since I last updated.

Tonight, we went and watched the CAS screening of MASH, so I got some free Donald. Indian dinner was good. I took out seven books for my paper, and many of my friends were very curious about my need for so many sources. They don't understand how McBrinn had us operate. I'm constantly in awe of the fact that many people don't read the introductions to the books we read, nor do they read the notes provided by the translator/author. They miss so much about the book, just getting the plot.

I've been on a total Hanson kick lately. I wonder if anyone has anything besides 'Underneath'? I'd prefer some of the more recent releases, but if it's 'Middle of Nowhere,' I won't turn it down.

Carri, Audrey, and Brian are visiting Thursday until Saturday! I'm so excited for them to come. I can't wait for them to meet all of the amazing people I've met and to see all of the fantastic things in this city.

Ver, Keight, Z Mason, and I went to Chinatown, where we had hot sake. When I wrote that, I even thought I wrote 'hot sex', which is not what we had, but I'm sure it would have been just as good. If not better. I think I should be thinking that hot orgies are better than warm alcohol, but that's just not where I am in life.

I can't even remember everything I've done. I have a mind like a sieve. Or a senile old man who drank to much. I'll stick with sieve.

This new location option throws me off. I constantly input my current music.
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