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Dante's Paradiso in Four Movements

This snippet of an AIM conversation represents everything I could ever want to say about Dante's Paradiso (i.e. Dante's Unfortunately Long and Tediously Documented Wet Dream Concerning Beatrice and Heaven™):

Elevator Parade: how was your dayyyyyyy
kirsten for pres: alright. I skipped all my humanities shit because I can not be asked to be bothered with Dante and his magic floating lights
Elevator Parade: HAHA
kirsten for pres: because that's all Paradiso is. that and Beatrice's gaze. I don't care where the cow looks!

In other news, I have seen Ichi the Killer, and it now owns a little bit of my soul. Kakihara is so amazing: purple knee-length coat, skin tight multi-colored vertically striped pants, and two rings in his face to keep his cheeks closed. Plus, it has been discovered that when Sapporo is legally obtained (as opposed to going to Chinatown), it is only $3 for a twenty two ounce can! We paid Apollo $6 to open our cans, essentially. Highway robbery! Do people still say that? Oh well, I do.

Now, back to this silly human stem cell research paper. I love working in a group and getting little to no input from other group members. I love even more to write a really boring six page paper on stem cell research. I want this motherfucking assignment off my motherfucking syllabus! You know, I've never even seen the trailer for that.

Wow, I'm sorry people actually read this. I should put together more cohesive entries. Maybe.
Tags: aim convo, dante, ichi the killer, movies, robe, substance abuse
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