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The End to an Incidentally Year Long Hiatus

There was no reason for that year long hiatus except laziness and lack of an interesting life, which isn't exactly true but covers most of the bases.

My year in bullet points:
  • Doing unfulfilling diner work from December through May, though the pay was quite nice

  • Slowly descending into the seedy, shameful world of both Twilight & the Southern Vampire Mysteries, a depth from which I've only recently began to resurface - didn't want to get the bends, har har

  • Going to New Orleans (!) for Mardi Gras (!!) with Hanner & Ice to visit Nick, 3 wonderful friends I met studying abroad in Rome

  • Getting a seasonal, part-time position in municipal government Parks & Recreation in May and working 40 hours a week both there & at the diner

  • Being offered & taking a permanent, part-time position at the twp & therefore leaving unfulfilling diner work behind, but also taking quite a pay cut

  • Founding a new annual tradition, Friendependence Day!

  • Having weekly dates over summer with Christa & Amanda that always included great food, beer, and TV, but now Manda moved to NYC and Christa and I are forever alone

  • Joining a weight loss program in the end of August, in which I've so far lost 20 pounds (!)

  • Having Halloween in Nashville, TN with all my lovies from study abroad

  • One of my best friends getting married in November, which made me realize that normal people get married & they stay normal people; they don't magically transform into an old married couple with no life but themselves

  • Developing perhaps an alarmingly Sex-and-the-City-esque desire for shoes

Now it's coming on Christmas! I love Christmas! I've already got my shopping done for my parents. For my mom I bought a 2-in-1 food processor/blender, a 5-speed hand mixer, and an immersion blender. For my dad I bought a really nice pair of Polo driving moccasin slippers and a gift certificate to the restaurant he and my mom go to every week for their Friday night dinner date. I know it sounds like I love my mom more from that list of gifts, but in fact my dad's just impossible to shop for, which is the elusive way of all fathers I'm told.

I've got 2 secret santas this year, which is just as well considering the aforementioned considerable pay cut. I've made my own wrapping paper this year, and once I get a mini-sd card for my phone (which I drunkenly lost whilst drunkenly smashing my phone on the floor of a crazy bar - 5 shots for $10!), I'll post a photo of some things I've already wrapped. There's pretty blue ribbon and silver jingle bells on the bows! I love Christmas!

I'm going to try to post more often. I'm going to have this account forever as I bought a permanent account on a whim in high school so I might as well use it.
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Sometimes You Don't Realize What You've Done

I woke up at 10:30 today because I was having a terrifying dream. It was an alien invasion dream which clearly had elements of Signs in it because there was some sort of metallic little tower thing in our crops in our front yard that drew them in. In the dream I was falling asleep on a bench swing on the front porch when I noticed a concentration of red lights around a large white light. Then one of the red lights sort of hurtled headlong for the tower then brought up a kind of hand-like electric field. And then it was just apparent that they were trying to take over the world so I ran inside to pack clothes during which process I started to shove in dresses, entire outfits, multiple pairs of shoes, jewelry, my journal, and family photos. But the keepsakes were only an after thought. Also, I had music on and Brian came in and told me I was crazy because I was attracting attention, which, I was because what the fuck? Then I sort of was on the stairs and could see into my room where there was a brown-ish grey alien, covered in what looked like that cylon shit that holds their basestars together, holding a gun. I sort of crawled into the doorway and slowly dragged by bag out of the room and ran. And then my body woke me up because I think I was having a panic attack from just the imagined presence of an alien so close.

I'm not sure I really have anything else interesting to say. I need a job so desperately that I've been participating in little studies. The first one was a sleep/cognition study wherein they showed me a poor little child who had gotten his feet reattached after they were severed by a runaway car. It started out all cute: mom and son are going to visit dad at work, then, BAM, frankenbaby. But I got paid $20 in cash for 45 minutes of filling out paperwork. The other study I'm doing is about eyes and learning (I really don't know, his command of the English language, while better than mine of Japanese, leaves me confused), but I get put in a dark room about the size of a small walk-in closet to stare at a screen that flashes dots at me. It's 12 days long, but it pays $96 in cash at the end so I'm OK with that. Also I have an interview with Uno's so hopefully I'll have at least a part-time job that leaves me with some cash everyday.

I also have been playing Majora's Mask, which is definitely the worst Zelda ever, and I just got the Sims 3. I made a Scottish guy so far, who, Zach pointed out to me, looks like Robert Pattinson just with red hair. The most disturbing thing is that I was not going for that. I'm not going to lie, I considered making the Twilight characters, but even I'm not that crazy. But I guess even considering it is too close to writing terrible fanfiction about how romantic Edward is. BUT I'm not there yet.
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Ba Ba Bada Ba Ba Goes The Backing Vocal

I just realized that I was really hot, and then noticed I was still wearing pants. What the EFF?! I hate my work pants a lot. But I do not hate my job because I make mad moniez. That's why I can visit Boston next week! Yaysicles! I figure I'll stay all week long, Monday to Monday. Oh yeah.

I don't do much at home. I've been working, hanging out with Therese and super baby, playing Zelda, and reading the Narnicles. I'm on the fourth book, and they're pretty interesting books. I'm sure I'm missing out on some of the wonderfulness because I'm a little too old, but I still like them.

I'm changing the time at which I take my birth control to 9pm as opposed to 11am, and I think that's a really good plan. Yay for birth control?

I took this personality quiz for Jungian types that Christa took so I'll share.
My personality type: the groundbreaking thinker. Take the free iPersonic personality test!
Now you can take it, too!
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We're Rhode Island Bound

My sister had a baby yesterday! Adele Maria, and she's beautiful. I'm really glad that she's not ugly because I just do no know how I'd react to an ugly niece. The weather was ridiculous: a huge thunderstorm with bold forks of lightning and deep rumblings of thunder and gumball-sized peltings of hail. I'm not sure what it says about Addy yet, but we'll see as she grows. (I drew a tarot for her, but I forget what it was. I think it was major arcana, but I can't really remember. I've been playing with tarot a lot lately so I almost can't remember what goes with what.)

I've no other pressing news. I'm working at the diner again, and I've already put $800 in the bank. Hopefully I'll save more this summer than I did last summer, but we'll see. I want to go up and visit Boston a couple of times and to get a few tattoos, maybe a new piercing, and new clothes.

The only thing that sucks about my working is that I work Thursday through Sunday and Audrey works Monday through Wednesday so we don't really get to see each other. Plus Carri is out in western PA doing clinicals and I feel like I have no one to hang out with around here. I'm secretly already looking forward to going back to school, but don't tell anyone.
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I See Your Faces in the Strangest Places

OK! I haven't updated in ages. I had my last day of work on Saturday, and my official end of the summer total is $952. I'd have so much more if I didn't get 2 tattoos ($500, approximately), 1 peircing ($70), my 60GB iPod ($391), and a whole new wardrobe, practically, (most likely over $500), but I like the things I have. Plus, it was nice to always have money this summer. I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted because I always had the money I needed. I got to have a week of madness with the BRC which was pretty much fucking fantastic. I love the BRC. I don't see them often, but, boy, we click like no other.

Carri left for school yesterday. I leave next Saturday and start classes next Wednesday. I should start Tuesday, but I don't have classes on Tuesdays! Oh, another fun thing, I got Kevin Shields' phone number. For the BRC's clarification, he's the boy with the lips I want to bite. Yes! For everyone else, I've had a crush on him since I was 13. I was nearly completely wordless when he gave it to me. What a way to end my summer!

I got my haircut and bleached out. It's as white as ever, plus now I have bangs (real ones, none of that side-swept shit) and an asymmetrical bob. My hair lies surprisingly straight with this cut. I'm in the middle of cleaning my room, but some fic got the best of me, and now I'm here. Plus, I beat Katamari this weekend, and now I'm going through and doing it all better. I've found nearly all of the Royal Presents. I want to buy We <3 Katamari now. Maybe I will!

Alright, back to cleaning! I love being organised, but I just hate getting things into their organised state.
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Quiet Hands, Quiet Kiss

I may or may not work entirely too much. I just finished a 10 am- 10:30 pm shift, I'm exhausted, and I'm getting in the shower. Carri and I are going to the pub with Andrea (her college roomie) and a bunch of the girls from work. It should be fun.

I got my septum pierced. In case you don't know, a septum is the skin between the two nostrils which divides the nostrils into two. I have a pink, 16 guage retainer in so I can flip it up at work. The Guatamalan guys at work say it reminds them of a pig because, apparently, in Guatamala, pigs get their noses pierced. Wilder drew me a pig, it's nice. He also said that he'd like to fuck me right by the soups, but he'd lift me up because he doesn't want me to get dirty. How considerate.

I have a trial set for my ticket. I just don't want a moving violation; I can't afford the increase in insurance. I bought some really cute shoes and underwear. I want a denim pencil skirt. Also this week, I think I'll get my tattoo reworked.

Do we all see that I make the switch from sexual harassment to the extremely mundane because that's how commonplace it is in my life. Yes, diners.
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Like A Dream To Me

I haven't updated since the beginning of June. That just goes to show my poor time budgeting skills because I can't have a real life and an LJ life at once. And, boy, do I ever have a real life.

The most salient features of my recent life are 1) a recent bout of strep throat that left me speechless and unable to swallow (I could only drool, point, and sleep for three days) 2) Italy's win in the World Cup (OMG, it was penalty kicks both fairly and unfairly given, and Zidane got redcarded in the second overtime, and I was on the edge of my seat all game), 3) a 40 hour + work schedule (which is essentially the aforementioned 'real life'), and 4) a fairly regular track record with substance abuse, by which I mean perpetual drunkenness, or, really, once or twice a week.

Side notes include: my first ever driving ticket (signals, speed limits, and driving with one's license are vastly overrated), a boy named Jubin, an inability to stop shopping, and a desire to have my nose pierced, side tattooed, and current tattoo redone.

OK, I'm going out to lunch with Marge, Brian, and Molly so I have to get in the shower. Maybe I can be a better updater in the future. We know that won't happen.